How can you help?

Your sponsorship, volunteering, and sharing of this great need can provide the "gift" of the Malaria Solution™ to so many in need, today.


Zahir knows how you can help?

Sponsorship, volunteering locally or abroad, sharing this message with others, and educating other on the malaria condition, situation and every growing need to reduce and resolve the issue in Africa.

The Malaria Solution™ Foundation


The Malaria Solution™ Foundation

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Malawi, Africa

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Provide a "Sponsorship" and help so many with the heavy load and burden to get the Malaria Solution™ to those in need...

"Volunteer" locally or abroad and experience the culture, the land, and realize the gift of the Malaria Solution™ can help so many right now...

"Educate" the many on what the condition and status of malaria is in Malawi, Africa and don't stop there...

"Communicate" and share this challenge with a friend...

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